Email Solutions
It can be hassle-free and convenient for very small companies to adopt free e-mail services like Gmail or Yahoo. However, whether you own/run a small, medium or large-sized company there is something about having your own domain name that makes your business look more legitimate.

There are enormous capabilities that come free with registering a domain - a key benefit is the ability to set up e-mail accounts for that new domain name. Don't be tempted to settle for a poor quality email address available from your ISP or free email provider. Example, Instead, opt to create professional email addresses that will distinguish your business and that your customers will recognise. Example, Creating this unique domain email addresses are setup free with a registered domain name.

In addition, you have the power to securely read and mange emails on your desktop, any web browser or a mobile device of your choice; anywhere and anytime you need to. Your IT-team also retains full control of user accounts with capabilities to create email addresses, delete accounts, manage passwords and account access.

Some benefits of giving us the opportunity to provide personalised emails for your company are:
- Premium spam and virus protection
- Email migration
- Full featured Exchange 2010 mailboxes
- Shared calendars and Mobile Sync
- Secure Encryption
- Dedicated UK-based support team

If you need more start-up information or further support once you’re up and running, our expert support team are just an email or phone call away.