Surveillance Systems
IP Security Camera It is now possible to offer true IP camera surveillance system which provides the unique advantage of remote recording and monitoring of images away from the location under surveillance.
The following capabilities can be achieved by IP based surveillance solutions:
- Remote recording, viewing and monitoring of locations under surveillance.
- Event-based recording as opposed to continuous recording offered by traditional CCTV
- Analytics that allow the automatic detection of activities like armed robbery, people counting (with direction-biased), missing objects, foreign objects, activation of external devices like lights, and door
- High definition (HD) and panoramic images covering large areas means less cameras for more coverage area.
- Email/SMS alerts of events.
- Two-way audio capability to listen in or talk to persons at locations under surveillance.
- Outdoor cameras with field of view spanning over 2km depending on scene complexity.
- Day/Night viewing regardless of the light conditions

IP security cameras are becoming a viable, cost-effective security option for more businesses and organisation. Several sites benefit from adopting IP-based surveillance, including: Private residence, Retail stores, Schools, Offices, Government buildings and Traffic monitoring.

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